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      Below you will find a number of projects that are currently looking for funding and Executive Producers. All of these projects are owned by Bastet Productions and will be produced by Yasmine Alice.

      Every project has award-winning crew and cast attached; a supervised and finalized script; detailed budget breakdown; distribution strategy; festival strategy and much more.

      Why would you want to fund a film? There are many reasons! Supporting the arts, having an IMDB credit, owning a film, attending film festivals and winning awards, visiting an actual film set, deducting donations from your income for tax purposes...

      If you want to become an Executive Producer of a film today, contact me to find out more! 

Sugar Bill (Short Film)

One of the most messed up Western action scripts I have ever read. This one is going to be epic...

Director/Writer: Andrea Catinella

Producer: Yasmine Alice

Currently seeking funding!


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Red Tulip (Short Film)

Rewan is a Kurdish woman who has sought asylum in the UK with her aunt and grandmother. Settling in and understanding British culture is difficult, especially with the language barrier the family has to deal with. Things escalate when Rewan falls in love with her Jewish neighbour Joseph.

Director Savaş Alpaltun

Writer/Producer Yasmine Alice

Currently seeking funding!



Repent (Short Film)

Sidra is a social media-obsessed influencer who can't live without posting videos with her cat. Perseus is her ultimate fan, and he is out to get her with a dark and unexpected vengeance. 

Writer/Producer Yasmine Alice

Currently seeking funding!


Reverberation Day (Short Film)

Logline: A lonesome elder quarantining to stay alive for his daughter's belated wedding must make a choice when a party next door breaks pandemic restrictions.

Synopsis: During lockdown in the UK, Lloyd - an elderly man in his seventies with underlying health conditions – is anxious to live for his daughter’s belated wedding. After months of solitude at home aloof from society, he feels threatened when his neighbours break the rules and host a Birthday party.

Director: Savaş Alpaltun, Writer: Daniel Luke Allen

Producer: Yasmine Alice

Currently seeking funding!


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Two Sides (Docu-series)

Two Sides is a presenter-led documentary series, searching for the real reason why there is racism in the UK. The 6-episode series deals with different areas of discrimination, with celebrity guests and prominent figures as interviewees who are confirmed, coming on this journey with the host. Pitch documents are available and fully realized for each episode.

Producer & Presenter Yasmine Alice

Currently seeking a network deal!


Gangsta Jesus (Feature Film)

Gangsta Jesus is an absurd comedy.

Producer: Yasmine Alice

Director: James Twyman

Creator/Lead: Shane Senior

Lead Writer: Tatjana Anders

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Currently seeking network funding!

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