Khaleesi - Cat Actress and Influencer

Name: Khaleesi

Breed: British Shorthair (Pedigree)

D.O.B: 07.08.2014

Markings: Grey & White

Eye Colour: Yellow

Traits: Friendly and calm towards all humans

Animal Handler: Yasmine Alice only

IQ Test Result: 116 (Above normal intelligence according to E.M. Bard's Cat IQ Test)

Special tricks: Will respond to the sound of paper and loves cameras! She is not trained.



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Would you like to work with Khaleesi?

It's not easy to work with animals on set. Khaleesi will only work with her owner and professional animal handler, Yasmine Alice. Khaleesi does not travel on public transport and expects her travel fees covered. Khaleesi also does not do unpaid work. It is impossible to guarantee how an animal will behave on set that day, especially if there are other animals involved. It is important to provide an environment as comfortable and least stressful as possible for all working animals. Most cats will not eat, drink or use the toilet out of stress in foreign places, therefore the shoot time needs to be kept to a minimum. Khaleesi and her handler would like to be credited on IMDB accordingly. Khaleesi does movies, commercials and modelling jobs with animal-friendly models. There is a long list of flowers that are poisonous to cats, please inform Khaleesi's handler if there will be flowers on set.



For more information and booking enquiries, use the contact form available here.


RNIB April Fool's Commercial (2015)



Khaleesi The Cat - Homemade Video (2016)

Pets in the Film Industry (2018)

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Khaleesi's Scene in "Fish" (2016)

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