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That's a wrap on the Truckman! The sci-fi short film I have produced and starred in as a 9 month pregnant Rebecca has wrapped and I can't wait to share more news about that. Follow our Instagram page to find out more. 

Now I'm in pre-production for my next sci-fi called Just a Girl, by the writer/director Kieran Freemantle. This time I don't have an acting role, which means I will have more time and attention to detail in my role as a producer!

Don't forget to check out Active Imagination's page which has recently been released and started it's journey in film festivals. Loads of new behind-the-scenes photos are now available on our IG page and website. Enjoy!




This whole month I have been working as a Production Manager on a feature film called This Man, directed by Tosca Musk for Passionflix. It has been an amazing journey so far, and still ongoing!

Also, feel free to watch the latest episodes of Londonist DMC below!

Miss Production Manager


I have now booked the whole of April, working on an American feature film as Production Manager. I won't say too much about this but the script is steamy!!!! I'm really enjoying booking all the cool vehicles and stunt drivers for this. 

Congratulations to my first baby Anxious for it's Official Selection at the Talking It Out Film Festival, which supports and promotes mental health awareness worldwide. It's a really cool event with live performances, talks and ofcourse short films about mental health issues. The tickets are for free and can be booked from here!

Don't miss the new episode from Londonist DMC below as well!

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April Fools?


Happy April Fools! I did prank some friends and family members with a cheeky "Guess what, I'm pregnant!" text this morning. But no jokes over here, very serious news to report. 

I have joined the team on Londonist Dmc's Youtube channel, producing and presenting content. Have a look at our very first video for the channel. 

My latest and 6th baby Soul Mates is officially wrapped! I haven't even given birth to my latest 2 films, and now I'm pregnant with another one!? (when films are in post-production, I feel like I'm pregnant.)

Okay, enough pregnant jokes? Well, I should mention that I will be playing the very pregnant Rebecca in my next sci-fi film the Truckman. That will be exciting. Filming end of April!


March is busy beezy...


Acting and producing news followed by tv presenting news!

My first LGBTQI+ romance Soul Mates is officially in pre-production and fully cast. Enjoy our poster below! Written, produced and starring me. 

My first sci-fi the Truckman is nearly funded! We welcome on board 2 new Executive Producers. I will also be portraying the role of Rebecca in this film, as well as producing it.

If you are reading this, every little helps, please donate if you can. --> CLICK HERE

I have added many new presenting videos to my Tv Presenter Page, from my work reporting for Launch Your Career. You can check one of the examples below! I have also started working as a presenter for another channel, a sneak peak BTS photo below, more news will be announced soon.

Finally announcing my first feature film, an absurd comedy, Gangsta Jesus! Recently been pitched to Netflix and looking for network funding. Yaaaas! Poster below.

WhatsApp Image 2022-03-18 at 15.00.19.jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2022-03-20 at 21.53.56.jpeg

Active Imagination...


Enjoy the brand new poster of Active Imagination! The film is still in post-production and ready for release in a few weeks.

Active İmagination_Banner_1.jpg

March is a good month to be a producer...


Anxious continues to stream on many local UK TV channels throughout March. Check out the film page to find out about the streaming dates and times.

The Truckman crowdfunding campaign has officially launched! If you would like to support the film, please visit

My new film Soul Mates has recently been funded and is searching for it's lead actor! Soul Mates is an LGBTQI+ short with an unexpected twist. Auditions are coming in and our director is Selim Balta.

My first short film Fancy Arguments has been selected to Festival de Nouvelle Comédie, and will be screening in 3 standup comedy clubs in Lyon, France between 1-3 April 2022. For more information on how to buy tickets if you are based in Lyon, visit

Fancy ArgumentS.png

On TV and beyond!


Anxious will be screening on many local UK TV Channels for the Latest Visions International Women's Days film festival. The first screening is announced: 

  1. Friday 4th March, 9pm on Freeview 7 and Virgin 159

  2. Wednesday 9th March, 4pm on Freeview 7 and Virgin 159

  3. It can also be livestreamed on 

Bastet Productions also announces the brand new film it will be producing called the Truckman, written by Andrea Catinella. Many exciting things to come, but before that, a whole week of filming for a big presenting job!

Tv Premiere!.png

February already!


My second short film Anxious was recently selected for the Latest Visions film festival and will be airing on numerous UK TV channels during the International Women's Day screenings! This will be the first TV premiere of my film and I'm really excited about it.

Below you can also find some snippets of a presenting job I have done in December 2021 for Launch Your Career, and a BTS picture from a new presenting job, coming soon!

I was also recently interviewed for the film section of the Everyday Magazine and about my film Anxious. To read the full interview click here.

Tv Premiere!.png
Screenshot 2022-02-05 at 14.19.56.png
Screenshot 2022-02-05 at 14.20.24.png
Screenshot 2022-02-05 at 14.19.31.png
Screenshot 2022-02-05 at 14.19.21.png

Hackney Downs


The teaser trailer to my 4th film Hackney Downs has just dropped! I was the producer on this film and the writer/director is Carl Earl-Ocran. Feel free to watch the teaser, give a like, share on socials and all that jazz! And please don't forget to visit the film page too.

Active Imagination


Hello 2022! Starting the year with a new poster drop! Active Imagination is currently in post-production. I can't wait to submit my 5th baby to film festivals.

Dark slate Gray Couple Movie Poster.png

New management!


My website had a full-on revamp. It's all about pink for 2022! Hope you all like it.

I'm happy to announce that I am now represented by Famelog in Turkey. Famelog is a brilliant talent management and content creating agency with celebrity actors, directors and producers. Check them out here!

Hello December.


I have A LOT of new updates. Firstly, Active Imagination is officially wrapped! Follow our Instagram page to keep up-to-date with all cast and crew announcements. 

I have a brand new Barclays commercial roaming the internet at the moment. You can watch the advert below. And yes, it was a real date! No acting involved!

I have also recently come back from Bosnia from an emceeing job. Check out some of the pictures below.

J (328).jpg
Screenshot 2021-12-18 at 11.04.23.png

New films.


I have recently wrapped filming for a short film called On Air where I have played the news anchor Regina. Talk about a typecast! I'm not only a news anchor in real life, but I keep getting cast as a tv reporter or news anchor in film and tv. I was also the tv reporter in ITV's Viewpoint (which was canceled after the 4th episode due to a #metoo situation). Below are some pictures from both of those projects!

The first-ever film I have produced/directed/written in 2 hours with 0 budget has now made it to it's first-ever film festival! Fancy Arguments was a graduation project from City Lit's directing for screen course and it was just waiting there in a hard drive. Now, she has been revived and will be watched by many filmmakers in a Lift-Off Film Festival! The poster for Fancy Arguments can be seen below.

In other news, I will be filming for the 5th short film that I wrote and will be producing in December. Active Imagination is an absurd comedy and will be directed by Alastair Train. I'm really psyched for this project which is absolutely bonkers!

And finally, our new teaser posters for Hackney Downs is out! Take a look at them below and visit our page.

Blue Extreme Sport Adventure Movie Poster.png
WhatsApp Image 2021-11-11 at 10.19.08.jpeg

It's out!


I was featured in the latest League of Legends: Kick-Off movie for the Championships event and announcing the new Netflix animation series Arcane. This film was directed by Chris Breslauer and is a Riot Games masterpiece. You can watch the film below and see me as the blacksmith sharpening my swords!


That's a wrap!


October was an insanely busy month. I have wrapped filming for the League of Legends movie as one of the leading cast members. I can't share any pictures from that but the film will be out very soon!

The short film that I'm producing called Hackney Downs is officially wrapped! It is currently in post-production and you can follow all the news related to that film on it's Instagram page. 

Here are some behind-the-scenes pictures from the film. Written and directed by Carl Earl-Ocran, starring Nicole Joseph, Leonardo Taiwo and Kaine Buffonge.

WhatsApp Image 2021-11-01 at 20.25.41.jpeg

October is a busy month!


So much news to share in my career as an actress and producer!

Anxious, the first short film that I have produced, wrote, and starred in, premiered at Rich Mix Cinema last night at the Shorts on Tap film festival. There was a Q&A on stage with me as well and the film was received really well.

Anxious also has a new Official Selection from Kalakari Film Festival in India, for which we were invited!

In other news, we have announced the cast for the new short film that I'm producing, Hackney Downs, which will be filming on the 31st of October. The film is about mental health issues in the Black community. Follow us on Instagram to keep up-to-date with all Hackney Downs news. Click here

Orange and White Vibrant Modern Brushstrokes Beauty YouTube Thumbnail (1).png

Some movie stills!


Enjoy these cool stills from the Landing Platform, which got its London BFI premiere this year!

Screenshot 2021-09-26 at 11.22.45.png
Screenshot 2021-09-26 at 11.22.28.png

Anxious London Premiere!


You are cordially invited to the ANXIOUS London Premiere!

The first short film that I have produced, wrote, and starred in, ANXIOUS, will be screening on Friday, October 1st at Rich Mix Cinema in Bethnal Green, London, at the Dramathon Shorts on Tap Film Festival. The event starts at 6:30 pm.

To date, we have won 4 awards for this film! The crew and lead cast will be invited on stage for a Q&A so I'm really excited about this event. There will be other short films too so it will be an event filled with filmmakers and actors, great for networking. 

Event page:

If you can come to the film festival and support us, I would really appreciate it. 

Orange and White Vibrant Modern Brushstrokes Beauty YouTube Thumbnail.png

Presenter Yas is back...


Yasmine can be seen in the latest comedic infomercial for Matched Betting. You can watch it below!

Another award...


Yasmine's first short film Anxious wins its 4th Award from OTB Film Awards in Miami. And the award is - BEST COVID FILM. Not only filmed during lockdown following strict guidelines and restrictions but also about the effects of Covid 19 on the famous influencer and social butterfly Lara. Congratulations to the whole team!


(In the picture below, it is Joanna Zwierzynska who plays Julia in the film). 

Untitled design.png

Proud producer!!


Yasmine's new film Reverberation Day has just been announced as a finalist for the Roy W. Dean Short Film Grant 2021. Take a look at their page on the link below and make sure to check out the brand new film website here too!

rev day poster.png

August is my birthday month!!


Yasmine's first short film as a producer has just been announced as a Finalist at the OTB Film Festival in Miami.

Crew interviews have now been finalized on Kaçış, the web-series produced by Yasmine. Auditions for the lead cast will start very soon and filming starts in November! 

Untitled design.png

So many news to announce!


Yasmine has a brand new video about crypto lending on Luno Global's Youtube channel, which you can check out below.

Yasmine has also hosted an amazing award ceremony for Wevoi on Zoom to 100+ attendees, which you can watch below as well. 

And a sneak peek into what has been happening. Some pictures from #setlife. Looking forward to sharing that with you all very soon! 


New content and new film...


Yasmine has been working as a presenter for Luno Global's Youtube channel. You can watch her latest video talking about whether if it is too late to buy Bitcoin and the top 10 most expensive NFTs ever sold!

Yasmine has also officially started hiring and casting for her 5th short film Repent! And below you can find the mock poster for this new and exciting, fully funded short film!


The Best Actress Award goes to...


Yasmine bags her 3rd Best Actress award for her role in Anxious (2021). This one comes from Actors Awards in Los Angeles, USA for Best Actress in an Indie Film! Anxious has currently no rejections and has won 3 awards out of the 4 film festivals that have selected the short since the first submission in May 2021! Fingers crossed for more to come!

Untitled design copy.png

New music video AND a new award?


Yasmine is in the newest music video for the famous Turkish singer Diyar Pala's latest song Ama Neden. You can watch the romantic music video below!

Yasmine has also recently been nominated as a finalist for Best Performer of Fest in the Actors Awards. Fingers crossed!

Screenshot 2021-06-05 at 10.17.22.png

Another BEST ACTRESS award!


Yasmine has won Best Actress Silver award for her performance in Anxious (2021) from Independent Shorts Awards in LA. And Anxious has yet another Official Selection from Actors Awards! 

Untitled design.png

What are NFTs?


Yasmine has been working with Luno Global, a cryptocurrency platform. In the very first episode, Yasmine explains what NFTs are on Luno's Youtube channel. Watch the video below!

3rd Official Selection for Anxious...


Anxious has been officially selected to Independent Shorts Awards in Los Angeles. This is the 3rd film festival within the very 1st month of festival submissions! #Grateful


Anxious is now streaming at...


You can now watch our film Anxious (2021) at the Lift-Off Sessions festival between 17-24 May. Our film is on Programme 4. Please support our film by voting!

Check the festival out by clicking here.

Screenshot 2021-05-16 at 10.05.14.png

The Landing Platform wrapped!...


And that's a wrap on the short film The Landing Platform where Yasmine plays the alien character Astra, as well as voicing another character, the Boombox. Here are some photos of Yasmine with the Boombox from the studio!

Follow the film on their Instagram page.


Anxious (2021) at festivals...


Yasmine's short film Anxious (2021) has officially been selected to 2 film festivals and won an award within the first week of submissions to film festivals. It has won BEST ACTRESS in a short film category with Istanbul Film Awards and an Official Selection to Lift-off Film Festival with Pinewood Studios which will be live on Vimeo On Demand: 17 - 24 May. 

Anxious (1).jpg

Reverberation Day...


Yasmine's new short film Reverberation Day is currently in pre-production. If you want to become an investor and an executive producer in the film, please contact Yasmine. You can also support the film by following the Instagram page and watching the pitch video below.

SN Voices...


Yasmine has been signed with SN Voices, who will be representing her in the Voice Over industry!

Check out the agency on their website for more information.

Screenshot 2021-04-19 at 21.22.25.png

Sex life and Anti-depressants...


Check out Yasmine's new article on Pinky Promiseland on Anti-depressants and Sex.

Read the article on this page -->

Screenshot 2021-04-19 at 21.28.35.png

Meet Astra...


Yasmine has been filming for a new movie called the Landing Platform, directed by Hugo Dodd. She portrays two different characters in this film; Astra the alien and the voice of Boombox. 


Take a look at some behind-the-scenes pictures below! 

WhatsApp Image 2021-04-18 at

Out the Cage...


Yasmine features in Laurel Smith's new music video for Out The Cage. She plays the gang-leader in the mask and ninja. You can watch the amazing video below!

Screenshot 2021-04-08 at 09.23.55.png
Screenshot 2021-04-08 at 09.24.52.png
Screenshot 2021-04-08 at 09.24.20.png
Screenshot 2021-04-08 at 09.25.07.png



Yasmine is officially signed with DBA, which is an international talent agency with offices in UK, Italy and Vienna. Check out the agency on their website. 


Bastet Productions...


Yasmine is the founder of the new production company Bastet Productions. Visit the Productions page to see more!

Movie Look.jpg

Reverberation Day...


Yasmine is in pre-production for a short film, written by the award-winning author Daniel Luke Allen, to be directed by the award-winning Savaş Alpaltun. Follow our Instagram page to keep up-to-date with our process! Click here.

Logline: A lonesome elder quarantining to stay alive for his daughter's belated wedding must make a choice when a party next door breaks pandemic restrictions.  



Yasmine co-produced and starred in this short film by Durul Gür. This 60-second film was entered into the Lockdown Lover competition for Raindance Film Festival.

New commercials featuring...


Enjoy some new commercials featuring Yasmine Alice! The first one is for a brand new game called Somethingly. The second one is for the yummy vegan brand, Moving Mountains Foods.

EMCEE during Lockdown...


Yasmine has been working as an Emcee for numerous companies. She has been hosting parties with thousands of people, children's competitions and corporate events, all from her home. Yasmine is now an expert on Zoom and Google Meets!

IMG_7673 copy.HEIC

The successes of 2020...

Yasmine has been working non-stop in 2020 and some of her projects which are now released can be viewed below! We have a commercial for Hikvision and 2 short films for IFoA produced by Multichannel tv below.


But a lot more to come in 2021, from a huge tv series for ITV to more films... 


I AM FRIDA's first festival screening...

The short film Yasmine starred in called I Am Frida will be screening at the Lift-Off Global Festival. For more information, please follow @iamfridakahlofilm on Instagram. 


Acting work during the pandemic...

Yasmine has been working non-stop during the pandemic. Some behind the scenes footage from the last few months below!


Produced by...

Yasmine has been working with Vision Film Productions to produce a docu-series, covering issues of xenophobia and racism around the world, called Two Sides. The first episode will be directed by Katia Shannon.

Yasmine has also written and in the pre-production stage for a short film, called Anxious. The film will be directed by Laura Dorn, DOP by Jana Kroslakova, and starred by Yasmine herself and co-starred Joanna Zwierzynska and many others.


You can find out more about these productions on this page.

WhatsApp Image 2020-08-24 at
Anxious (1).png

Yasmine hosts Liberation Jam...

Yasmine hosts Liberation Jam, an event supporting black artists and creatives. Black Lives Matter!


Online sessions during lockdown...

Yasmine will be working as the newest member and presenter of the Owlypia team. She will be hosting weekly Zoom sessions with Owlypian students! Watch some of the live sessions below. 

Covid-19 doesn't stop work...

Yasmine hosts an hour-long session on the importance of public speaking to Wevoi listeners and students. Watch her interview with Suzie Ashfield below.

I Am Frida (2020) short film...

A brand new short film is coming out soon. Yasmine as Frida Kahlo. Some portraits below. 


The Godmother (2020) short film...

Yasmine stars in a new short film as the Godmother Don Vita, a feminist take on the classic Godfather film.

Screenshot 2020-01-23 at 11.04.10.png
Screenshot 2020-01-23 at 11.03.49.png

Brand new commercial for the Stars Group...

Yasmine plays Aisha in the newest commercial for the Stars Group. You can watch the commercial here

Screenshot 2020-01-22 at 14.40.47.png
Screenshot 2020-01-22 at 14.40.55.png
Screenshot 2020-01-22 at 14.41.07.png
Screenshot 2020-01-22 at 14.42.34.png

Yasmine attends ITV Palooza red carpet...

Here are some photos from the ITV Palooza event.