• Anxious (2021) - Short Film (post-production stage), Follow here

  • Two Sides - Docu-series on Xenophobia in the UK (Development Stage)

  • Reverberation Day - Short Film (funding stage), Follow here

  • Panik Atağa Son (Turkish) - a candid Youtube Series on my journey with Panic Disorder and Generalised Anxiety Disorder with 250k+ views, Visit the Website and Watch the Series HERE

  • İngiltere'de Yaşam (Turkish) - a Youtube series about my experience on life in the UK, with over 200k+ views, you can watch the series HERE

  • Yasmine Dünyayı Geziyor (Turkish) - a travelshow which aired on Tv8 INT, a vlog-style self-filmed docu-series across Vietnam and Cambodia, watch EPISODE 1, EPISODE 2

Assistant Producer:

  • Kadim Mutfak - Documentary for TRT World on Turkish Cuisine, watch here

  • Ajans Britanya (Turkish) - TV Series on TV8 INT, aired twice a week for 2 years, entertainment news from London

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