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Film Production company founded by Yasmine Alice

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           I'm an experienced producer/lawyer based in London. I have worked for a news network as an assistant producer for 3 years. I have produced many documentaries that have received televised distribution. I have worked on 4 short films to-date. I have also produced a popular podcast series.

           As a qualified lawyer, I excel at drafting contracts, budgeting, creating callsheets and writing risk assessments. I have friends who are top industry professionals as for crew members. I'm experienced in doing my own castings and have access to award-winning casting directors. I'm knowledgeable in licensing for working with minors, obtaining permissions from the Council for street closures and MET Police to work with guns, police cars and armourers. 

           Currently, I'm in pre-production for 2 new fully-funded short films. I'm also working on a pilot for a docu-series, the whole concept of which has been created by me. I'm producing a tv series which has been greenlit for the first 4 episodes. You can see some examples of my work below. - Yasmine Alice

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In Pre-production
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Active Imagination (Short Film)

Logline: Sundea has to give a presentation for work but public speaking is what she fears the most. And this meeting is not what she expected...

Director: Alastair Train

Writer/Producer/Lead: Yasmine Alice

Coming Soon!

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Reverberation Day (Short Film)

Logline: A lonesome elder quarantining to stay alive for his daughter's belated wedding must make a choice when a party next door breaks pandemic restrictions.

Synopsis: During lockdown in the UK, Lloyd - an elderly man in his seventies with underlying health conditions – is anxious to live for his daughter’s belated wedding. After months of solitude at home aloof from society, he feels threatened when his neighbours break the rules and host a Birthday party.

Currently funding!

Director: Savaş Alpaltun

Writer: Daniel Luke Allen

Film page here

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Two Sides (Docu-series)

Two Sides is a presenter-led documentary series, portraying issues of racism in England. Each episode will cover a niche topic in the realm of discrimination.

The first episode is about Anti-semitism and Islamaphobia in England, which has been greenlit to be filmed as a proof of concept.

Producer & Presenter Yasmine Alice

Co-produced with İlhan Gökalp.

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Repent (Short Film)

A fully-funded short film about a woman who gets kidnapped.

Currently searching for it's director and lead cast!

More details will be announced soon. 

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Hackney Downs (Short Film)

Logline: When an arrogant Black tech grad meets up with his estranged friend - a Black amateur boxer in East London - bitter tensions rise when issues from their past resurface.

In Post-Production.

Written and directed by Carl EarlOcran

Produced by Yasmine Alice

Visit the website

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Anxious (Short Film)

Logline: A famous influencer lives a fabulous life on social media, whilst trying to hide her dark reality battling panic disorder and substance abuse throughout lockdown.

4 awards, 4 official selections

Visit the website

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Connections (Short Film)

1-minute short about dating during lockdown.

Starring Yasmine Alice and Sid Phoenix.

Watch the film here.

Fancy Arguments (Short Film)

City Lit Directing For Screen graduation project.

Filmed in 2 hours.

Starring Anthony Chisholm and Sonnie Leawat.

Directed and written by Yasmine Alice

Watch the film here.


Kadim Mutfak (Documentary)

Yasmine goes on a journey in London following the traces of Turkish food. She visits Camden to try different food stalls. She ends her journey at celebrity chef Hüseyin Özer's restaurant in Mayfair called Sofra, where they cook traditional Turkish dishes together. 

Yasmine in Vietnam - Episode 1

Distribution: TV8 Int

In this self-filmed documentary, Yasmine visits Hanoi, Vietnam.

Language: Turkish

Yasmine in Vietnam - Episode 2

Distribution: TV8 Int

In this self-filmed documentary, Yasmine visits Halong Bay, Vietnam.

Language: Turkish

Battersea Park - Episode in Ajans Britanya

Distribution: TV8 Int

Yasmine talks about the history of Battersea Park and the importance of green areas in British culture.

Language: Turkish

Ascot Horse Races - Episode in Ajans Britanya

Distribution: TV8 Int

Yasmine visits the horse races in Ascot.

Language: Turkish

London Boat Show - Episode in Ajans Britanya

Distribution: TV8 Int

Yasmine visits the London Boat Show in Excel.

Language: Turkish

China Town - Episode in Londra Mahallesi

Distribution: Euro Star

Yasmine visits China Town in Piccadilly Circus, London.

Language: Turkish

London Classic Car Show - Episode in Ajans Britanya

Distribution: TV8 Int

Yasmine visits the London Classic Car Show in Excel.

Language: Turkish

Delicious Cookery Club - Episode in Ajans Britanya

Distribution: TV8 Int

Yasmine visits Delicious Cookery Club, a neighbourhood cooking club made up of ladies from all across the world.

Language: Turkish

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A Manly Woman (Podcast)

"When an unmarried, single, 30-year-old Middle-eastern woman has had enough of being judged and criticized, she goes and does a podcast. A feminist outlook on the modern world. Yasmine Alice, a lawyer turned actress who lives in London, complains about random facts of life and tells exaggerated stories based on real experiences. Yasmine plays a fictional character in this podcast which is truly comedic."

Available on all platforms.

Visit the website.