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           Yasmine is an actress, producer, and tv presenter. She was born in Istanbul, Turkey, and moved to England in 2008. She is half Turkish and half Kurdish.

           She studied LLB Law with German at the University of Sussex, German Law at the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn, and completed her Legal Practise Course with the University of Law Bloomsbury. 

            She worked as a corporate lawyer for 4 years until one day, she was scouted online for a tv show. She then started working as a news reporter, airing on a popular tv network twice a week reporting from London. She filmed numerous documentaries and reported for many channels, from Amnesty International to TV8.  

            Her transition into acting was a surprise, with her first acting job in a popular British tv series called Red Dwarf. Since then, she has appeared in 2 feature films where she was the lead and 20+ short films that have gone to film festivals. She has won three Best Actress awards for her performance in Anxious (2021). She has appeared in numerous commercials and hosted many events on stage, from film festivals to awards ceremonies. She made her West End debut in 2019 as the lead actress in a play called Tangled, which took place at the Criterion.

           Currently, Yasmine resides in London and is also working as a producer. She is the founder of Bastet Productions and to date produced 8 short films and 10 documentaries. She secured televised distribution for 1 of her short films and 8 of her documentaries. She also used to work as an assistant producer for 3 years, filming from England for a popular tv series called Ajans Britanya, with twice a week airtime for one of the most popular tv networks in Turkey called TV8.