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Yasmine won a prize competition with Pinewood studios to do TV Presenting classes in the year 2015. She was still working as a lawyer in the city back then and had no plans to work as a tv presenter! But the teacher at the 2-day course told her she "had a special talent" and recommended Yasmine to pay for a showreel elsewhere privately.

On Air

2 months after filming her showreel with London Academy of Media Film & TV in 2015, Yasmine was scouted online for a tv series called Ajans Britanya, where she started working as a Turkish entertainment news correspondent, airing on the major TV network TV8 twice a week! Yasmine reported all over the UK, covering all kinds of events, interviewing hundreds of people in 4 different languages and in all kinds of locations.


Yasmine quit her job as a lawyer and started to focus on her new career as a tv reporter. Along the way, she worked for many amazing companies and TV networks, filming for documentaries, interviewing celebrities and politicians, doing commercials and corporate jobs and much more! She is experienced in autocue reading, memorising big chunks of script, comedic deliveries and much more!


To-date, Yasmine has had a vast variety of experience as a tv presenter. She had her on live talk show with BBC producers. She worked with Amnesty International, talking about human rights issues. She was cast as a tv reporter in movies and tv series (talk about typecast!). She did a documentary about Turkish cuisine. She presented on many Youtube channels for Gamers and Cryptocurrency experts. You can see examples below!

Luno Global

Amnesty Internatıonal

Tv Presentıng & News Readıng Showreel

Heated Dıscussıon - IFoA

New Boss, New Approach - IFoA

Tv Intervıews Showreel

Turkısh Tv Presentıng Showreel

Kadim Mutfak - Documentary

Travel Show (Turkish) on TV8-INT

Mcm Comic Con (Turkish & Englısh)

Ascot Horse Races, King George Weekend, 2016
Insomnia 56 - Highlights
London Bike Show & Outdoor Travel and Adventure Show, 2016
London Classic Car Show, 2016
London Boat Show, 2016
4th British Kebab Awards, 2016
Bellydancers Night, 2016
Proweb @ The Business Show, 2016
Inside Razer Bus @ Insomnia Festival
Charitable organisation for disabled gamers @ Insomnia Festival
Interview with 3DU @ Insomnia 
Salon 2016 @ Excel Exhibition Centre
What are Vegetarianism and Veganism?
Baking Baklava
Interview with Atolyestone models
Interview with Jack Knife
Delicious Cookery Club, 2016.
Anteplioglu'nda Kahvaltı Sabahı, 2016
Fitness & Exercise, 2016.
Battersea Park, 2016.
English Language Schools in London with Studylon, 2016.


Star Wars Battlefront, 2016.
Need for Speed, 2016.
Far Cry 4, 2016.

Gamıng News & Auto-Cue Readıng & scrıpt-wrıtıng