tv presenter

     I'm a quadrilingual tv presenter who has reported for Turkish news and Amnesty International. I have interviewed thousands of people, numerous celebrities, and politicians. I've had my own live talkshow and presented on countless Youtube channels. I have filmed many documentaries that have received a televised distribution. I'm also constantly typecast in movies and tv series as a news anchor or tv reporter (and I love it!). You can find MANY examples of my work below. 

Launch Your Career

Luno Global

Amnesty Internatıonal

Londonıst DMC

teleprompter readıng showreel

Heated Dıscussıon - IFoA

New Boss, New Approach - IFoA

Tv Intervıews Showreel

Turkısh Tv Presentıng Showreel

Kadim Mutfak - Documentary


Travel Show (Turkish) on TV8-INT

Mcm Comic Con (Turkish & Englısh)

Ascot Horse Races, King George Weekend, 2016
London Bike Show & Outdoor Travel and Adventure Show, 2016
London Classic Car Show, 2016
London Boat Show, 2016
4th British Kebab Awards, 2016
Bellydancers Night, 2016
Proweb @ The Business Show, 2016
Interview with 3DU @ Insomnia 
Salon 2016 @ Excel Exhibition Centre
What are Vegetarianism and Veganism?
Baking Baklava
Interview with Atolyestone models
Interview with Jack Knife
Delicious Cookery Club, 2016.
Anteplioglu'nda Kahvaltı Sabahı, 2016
Fitness & Exercise, 2016.
Battersea Park, 2016.
English Language Schools in London with Studylon, 2016.

Gamıng News & Auto-Cue Readıng & scrıpt-wrıtıng

Michael Cudlitz from Walking Dead
Gail Emms MBE and more, Stevenage Community Trust, 2016
Ezgi Mola & Murat Yıldırım, London Movie Premiere 2016
Natacha Atlas, Backstage 2016
Baba Zula, Backstage 2015
Diamond Mine Cart, 2016 @Insomnia57
Noughtpointfour, 2016 @Insomnia57
Big B Statz @ Insomnia 56, 2015.
Tomohawk, 2016 @Insomnia57
Gizzy Gazza & Mini Muka @ Insomnia 56, 2015.
Seapeekay, 2016 @Insomnia57
Kurdish Concert Evening, Backstage 2016
Pepper the Robot
Olcay Bayır, Backstage 2016