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Master of Ceremonies...

Yasmine is a quadrilingual emcee who can switch between corporate and comedic styles as per request.

Yasmine has hosted the following events on stage:

  • Tales of the Silk Road, Chapter 1: Turkey, Bagri Foundation - Film Festival

  • Women in Revolt, Shorts on Tap - Film Festival

  • Halloween to Hell and Back, Shorts on Tap - Film Festival

  • Liberation Jam, Black Lives Matter event  - Concert

  • Owlypia - competitions for children between 8-18 years old globally

  • Coloroma - Animation Films Festival by Shorts on Tap

  • Londonist DMC - 10 Year Anniversary Gala & Panel Host

The Home Set-up for Online Events

Emcee From Home

Since the pandemic, Yasmine has also started working as an emcee on Zoom and Google Meets. She has hosted an online party for Google Cloud with thousands of attendees and famous artists performing. She has hosted numerous awards ceremonies for Owlypia, a children's competition. She has hosted many events on the importance of public speaking for Wevoi. 

Yasmine is an expert in Zoom and Google Meets. She has numerous backdrops, greenscreen, tripods, lighting equipment, hyperoptic internet and a Rode microphone, which guarantees a perfect online event. She has hosted events with 5000+ attendees and is able to juggle both the chatroom and the interviews professionally.

You can see for yourself! Some examples of these public events Yasmine has hosted are available on this page. The rest of them have been private events that are not available publicly.

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